Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh Gingerbread, Oh Gingerbread....Oh how I love to teach you!

I loooove Christmas music and can't get enough of it as soon as November 25th rolls around. Our Kindergartners have been prepping for our "Gingerbread Rock" program next week and my post title is in reference to one of the songs we're singing. It's to the tune of  "Oh, Christmas Tree." Did you go back and re-read/sing the title of my post?!? I know I did. :)

On a side note, I was playing some Christmas tunes in the classroom yesterday and Jingle Bell Rock came on. My kiddos were flabbergasted that whoever sang that song used the wrong words because the name of the song is supposed to be "Gingerbread Rock" and it's not " the frosty air," it's "in the spicy air!" Too cute. :)

Ok, so back to what I really wanted to post about. Gingerbread week is my absolute most favorite week of teaching in my classroom. As I'm prepping my goodies for Monday, I wanted to share another easy to make activity to help with number ID. Thanks again to my amazing next-door teaching neighbor Heather, we put our heads together and came up with a gingerbread number swap. I'm giving Heather most of the credit on this one. She got the ball rolling and made the response sheet and all I did was adjust the numbers on their bellies. :) Thanks, Heather!

Here's what ya do!
Print, cut, laminate. :)
The student picks two gingerbread men, puts them together, reads the number they created and color it in on the 100's chart. Flip-flop the two cards, read the new number and color it in. To ensure that they color in the single digit numbers, you might want to have them pick one card at a time until they've colored in the first row on the 100's chart. I added an extra zero so they can make 100!

Gingerbread Number Swap

Gingerbread Number Swap Response Sheet

Happy Teaching!
- Sheyna


  1. Sheyna -- send me an e-mail --- I need to hear about your gingerbread program!!

  2. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! I love them! Thanks for sharing. I too, like to teach the gingerbread stories! The kids love them too!

  3. Just found your blog and I love it! {I'm a new blogger too!! :) } Thanks for sharing your cute ideas!!

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