Friday, December 2, 2011

Quick and Easy Tricky Teens Gingerbread Game

I just had to make a quick post before I start the school day. I don't know about you, but my students are still tricked up by those tricky teens! I made this cute little game a couple years ago and I just took it out for my kiddos yesterday and they got a huge kick out of it!

Just print, laminate, and cut out.

Using a pocket chart, hide the gingerbread man behind one of the gingerbread houses. Students take turns guessing which teen number he is hiding behind.

When a student guesses, flip over the card to reveal if the gingerbread man is there. They LOVE this game. When we find him, we pretend we are the sneaky, sly fox and we stretch out our arms, and clap our hands together as we say, "Snip, Snap, That is That!". So much fun!

** I added a few extra gingerbread men just in case one finds it's way into a little ones pocket goes missing! :)
Where is GIngerbread Hiding?

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  1. New follower to your site! I love this "tricky teens" gingerbread game. My kids will love it! I did a similar one for thanksgiving with a turkey :) Printing it up tomorrow and will be an "I'm Done" activity for my kiddos when they finish :)