Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thing 1 and 2 Cupcakes!

I saw these on Pinterest and HAD to make them for Dr. Seuss' birthday celebration in my classroom. We're having green eggs and ham for our morning snack and in the afternoon (right before I send them home!) I'm going to sugar them up with these sweet treats!

If you ever make them, I recommend waiting until the last minute to put the cotton candy on top so that it doesn't "melt" into the frosting.

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  1. Yes...I definitely agree about the 'last minute' cotton candy application! I made those for my kiddos last year, and made a horrifying discovery in the morning when I came downstairs. I got ready to grab my cupcake holder on the way out the door----I peeked at the cupcakes and was horrified to see "melted" blue goo... :( I ended up running to the grocery store on the way to work so that I could make a last minute addition of blue cotton candy right before I gave them to my class.